Our Service

KORSAR Marine is ready to render the following services:

- recruitment of qualified seafarers as per Customer requirements carrying out procedures for joining vessel and repatriating seafarers;

- competent verification of all  documents to ensure compliance with STCW 95;

- professional interviewing for knowledge estimation of seafarers, testing according to the programs Marlins, Seagull and others;

- arrangements Seaman ID and Seaman Book, documents according to the flag state requirements;

- visa and travel arrangements for seamen(including booking of air tickets);

- visits to the vessels by KORSAR Marine's Superintendents to supervise the crewing arrangements;

- training and upgrade training, proper qualification and certification of crew  as per the needs and requirements of the Ship owners;

- arrangement of English training courses for seafarers;

- cadet’s training program. 

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